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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to drive up or down the track?
The first time will take you a little longer but once you are used to it, in a good car it takes 12 minutes, in a very small car it can take 20 minutes.

If I have to cancel will you refund my 50% advance payment?
Provided you cancel with more than 30 days notice we will refund you in full. Otherwise your deposit will only be refunded if we manage to re-let your booked period.

In what circumstances would I not get back my security deposit?
If the house or any of our property were damaged or missing.

Is there anyone on hand to help if things go wrong?
Yes, there is our gardener and odd-job man Jose who will come up twice per week to water the garden and see that everything is ok. If you have any problems you just call or text our mobile phone and we will ensure that Jose or whoever is needed attends promptly.

Is there a cashpoint nearby?
Yes, there are two 24 hour cashpoints (cajeros) in Riogordo.

Is Mariolo suitable for children?
The pool is not fenced. When you see it you will understand that to fence the pool would destroy its character. Similarly the staircase is open, with no bannister or handrail. These two things mean that it is not suitable for very young children. All children should be supervised at Mariolo.

What is the climate like?
Because the house is very high (700 metres or 2300 feet above sea level) it has a distinctive climate. Outside of July and August it can be chilly at night - we provide warm duvets if you need them. In the height of summer it is delightfully hot with sun almost every day for months on end. The thick walls of the house keep the interior relatively cool - the house does not need air conditioning.

Are there biting insects or other dangers?
Like most places in the countryside there can be biting insects. However they are generally few and far between and we provide each room with a plug-in repellent for overnight which is very effective. There are no other wildlife dangers (as far as we know!).

  • Four bedrooms, sleeps 8
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Heated pool
  • Well equipped
  • Breathtaking views
  • Nature and bird-life
  • Tranquility

Guest comments

Extracts from guest reviews.
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A week was way too short. A whole year wouldn’t be enough to fully appreciate Finca Mariolo ...

Mariolo has a fantastic setting - broad views over the wide horizon, surrounded by olive trees and nature and no neighbours. Here you can feel really at peace with yourself and world.

... a beautiful homely but spacious house in a magical landscape.

Breathtaking location, very hard to leave