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The indoor dining table

The master bedroom

The kitchen

Outdoor dining

Birds, flowers, trees and mountains

Finca Mariolo is located in the sierras overlooking Riogordo and has breathtaking views of the Montes de Malaga and all the surrounding villages. On a clear day you can see the sea.

Wildlife abound in the area including rabbits, hares, badgers, foxes, genets, hedgehogs and even wild boar. Birds frequently seen include eagles, eagle owls, oriels, hawks, kestrels, nightingales, hoopoos, shrieks and turtle doves.

The house is set in 10 acres of olive grove and is a haven of peace and tranquillity. The activities to undertake on a daily basis are rest and relaxation, sun-bathing of the terraces, swimming in the pool, playing ping pong on the outdoor table, or soaking up the natural surroundings. The great variety of birds, especially the majestic circling eagles, make it a bird-watchers paradise - but it is also a pleasure for the rest of us as well!

There are also lots of nearby opportunities for walking, horse-riding or even climbing.

  • Four bedrooms, sleeps 8
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Heated pool
  • Well equipped
  • Breathtaking views
  • Nature and bird-life
  • Tranquility

Guest comments

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A week was way too short. A whole year wouldn’t be enough to fully appreciate Finca Mariolo ...

Mariolo has a fantastic setting - broad views over the wide horizon, surrounded by olive trees and nature and no neighbours. Here you can feel really at peace with yourself and world.

... a beautiful homely but spacious house in a magical landscape.

Breathtaking location, very hard to leave